The Fall of Humanity

What happened in the garden and can we learn from it?

Danica Davis


Photo by ANDREAS BODEMER on Unsplash

27 So God created mankind in his own image,
in the image of God he created them;
male and female he created them.

Genesis 1:27,N.I.V.

In the beginning, on the sixth day, God created humanity. After every animal on the earth had been made, God took it upon himself to create a being that would emulate His attributes. He wanted something that would join with him in tending and managing the earth.

Man was molded out of the earth, and God breathed his very essence into him. He would be able to create, contemplate, cultivate, and collaborate alongside God. Adam looked around the earth; he saw no other being that was like him. He found no one who would share his space, be his companion, or share intimacy with him. Not just sexual intimacy, but intellectual and emotional as well.

God had created Adam just like God, both feminine and masculine characteristics. In his infinite wisdom, our creator caused Adam to go into a deep sleep. From inside Adam, he removed the part of him that was woman. He removed the part that would be opposite to Adam. Before Adam was able to fulfill all his needs within himself and God himself said that this is not good.

So, he created a helper in opposition to him. He created the part of him that would cause him to grow and draw closer to God. She would be there to not only procreate with him, but walk alongside him in the garden.

But as we know, that is just the beginning. There was a crafty serpent in that garden who tricked Eve. (Genesis 3:1–13, N.I.V.) The serpent came along and asked her some very misleading questions.

Eve replies to his question that “You can’t eat from any tree in the garden?” by saying that she not only could not eat from just the one tree but that she also could not touch the tree. Now, that was not the command. By stating that she could not touch the tree, she is opening herself up to the snake’s dangerous game.

Once she touched the tree and noticed its fruit, she desired the fruit. It became an obsession to her mind. She would not find peace unless she ate that fruit.



Danica Davis

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