Despite having been diagnosed for 20 years I learned so much

I went through school all the way until I got into college before I found out that I had a neurological disorder. I always had been able to manage my classes, complete most assignments and take tests well.

Who knew that my ability to pass a class without even knowing…

Self-care is the barometer of mental health

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I am an adult who struggles with anxiety and ADHD. The two are actually connected, it takes a lot to work through. I struggle with feeling overwhelmed and incredibly lost much of the time. …

How the church is failing families

So I took a small rabbit trail on this Motherhood Journey series for something incredibly relevant to what is happening in the lives of so many mothers today. The expectation is that we are to bear the full burden of the household and not collapse.

Recently I have started going…

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

The best place to start is the beginning, of all places. I decided I would start a series on my own personal journey of motherhood. I have 8 children and each one has changed the path.

As I strengthened in my own mothering ability, I have learned a few things…

Day in the Life of Mountain Homestead

The sun peaks in my window around 6:45 am, I try and get a few moments more of rest before the household wakes up. This is, however, a break compared to our summer morning start, so for that I am thankful.

My actual alarm is a bed full of children…

A short essay on the state of our country

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Yesterday was a day for the history books. For many reasons. I won’t go into my own political leanings, because I really just don’t have any anymore. None of it even matters anymore.

The last year has caused so much division…

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Picture in your mind. You invite a friend to bring their family to your house for a dinner. All the kids are friends and the whole event is something you are all looking forward to.

You carefully pick out the menu. You go to the store and shop for the…

Living with the pain

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Twelve years ago I gave birth to my first son. I was thrilled and it was a wonderful change from the two girls I had already had. However, the year after his birth began the downward spiral of my health.

The first year I just tossed it all up to…

I often hear people criticize other moms for being on their phones so often. I hear about how we need to be present in our children’s lives and not be so distracted. …

How isolation and modern motherhood go hand in hand

Time recently had an article they published about the isolation in motherhood long before there was a worldwide pandemic on the scene. It features photography of mothers in their homes with their children.

I don’t know that they understand just how much they hit the nail on the head with…


Wife. Mother. Follower of Messiah. Health Advocate. Lover of the journey of life.

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